18 February, 2015

Asturias Diving

The PADI Open Water Diver is best known for start diving course . We teach the theory and practice of diving principles and learn how to plan your dives .

After completing the course you get the PADI OWD certification , one of the organizations of diving with greater international recognition with which you can dive with a buddy to a depth of 18m, without supervision of an instructor or dive guide .

The course consists of three parts : Theory, confined water and 4 ocean dives from a boat.

The price of the PADI Open Water course is 340,00 € and the minimum for doing group is 2 people. The course includes all necessary for its realization material handling and insurance titration during activity. By the student only a prior medical examination at the start of the course for underwater activities will be required, normally priced at € 25 and performed in many private clinics.

The course was developed in 4 consecutive days in the same week or two weekends , two days will be devoted to classroom lectures and practical classes in pool / confined area with a duration of three hours each day and the other 2 remaining days we will dive from a boat.

We manage our own accommodation , a century-old house in the middle of green coast Astur , completely renovated , with all amenities and very well connected to the main tourist resorts . As supply , we offer the OWD course with 3 nights accommodation with breakfast for € 440.00 .

You also have the opportunity to try diving with a 1st experience or "baptism " . It is an activity where accompanied by an instructor you make a small dive with all the diving equipment after a brief explanation of its operation, it is a good way to discover it's like to breathe underwater and decide to do or not course , the price of this activity is 50,00 €.