13 June, 2013

Our Warranty Asturias Surf


1. Hostel license:

We have certified hostel license approved by the Principality of Asturias, we belong to the Asturias hostel net, included in the north path from el Camino de Santiago. We have the activity license from the Castrillón city hall. The infrastructure has all the security measures required in all our licenses.

2. Surf school:

We belong to the official net of the Spanish federation of surf. Our technicians and instructors are all qualified and hired to work and coordinate with the life guard services of the different beaches were we practice this sport.

3. Active Tourism:

We are one of the only three Active Tourism companies that legally perform activities in the Castrillón area. All the monitors have their qualifications for the activity they develop, and have all the´s required from the Pricipado de Asturias.

4. Juridical form of company:

We are a commercial enterprise limited company : Multi adventure Rural S.L

5. Security and warranty for minors:

We have Free time monitors , following the free time school's instructions by which for every 12-15 alumni,one monitor is in charge 24 hours a day. At the same time his job is to program activities during their stay in the camp: journeys, games on the beach and to be with them through all  their daily activities.

6. Civil responsibility and accident insurance:

We have an insurance that covers all our activities in case of accident or civil responsibility, everything that´s required  by the Active tourism companies.

7. Protocol of action in case of accident:

We work and cooperate with the emergency and bay watching services of the area for a quick evacuation in case of an emergency.

8. Rural surf direction and management by a professional team:

We have a team of skilled people with university degrees and extensive experience in management, supporting  our decisions and  working day by  day to make everything work in coordination. Our goal is that you enjoy the activities and accommodation without worrying about anything else.