13 June, 2013

Methodology And Levels


The methodology we use is based on your level and skill. Actually our method works. It was developed by and for the user,  to enjoy and  learn from the first class in a fun, dynamic and secure way.

We will surf  in low traffic surfing beaches so all the waves are going to be for the group that´s in  the water ,away from crowds  where it is impossible to enjoy  waves and we will ensure the integrity of the group.

We do small group for each  instructor for attention to be fully customized. The more you gain level  the group will be reduced more. The improvement requires a higher degree of care and supervision for successful results

Safety is one of our priorities and we show that  every day. All our instructors are fully qualified and have knowledge of first aid, know the beaches  really well and never loose sight.



This is  your first experience on this sport. We'll get you started in this exciting world in  a fun and safe way. Suitable materials and equipment are available for you at all times, on beaches without summer crowds. Total Care is the best way to progress through each session.


You´ve been catching waves for a while  and you find yourself  in the need to finally  make that move that you seem to never finish?  You just feel that your  style should improve or do not understand how you get more speed, more power, more control ... ?This is  your chance. You will enter the group where you`ll be toght  further advanced technique, the abc of turns, you will be filmed every day on video and will be corrected exclusively. We will decide on what to work on  for you to improve your surfing and your  technique.


Are you tired of fighting with foam and failed attempts entering the peak?  We will train you to be a surfer in the water, teaching you  all the knowledge you need to handle yourself independently and be one more in the peak.


We provide you with a monitor only for you so that you quickly get all those results you seek.